Friday, May 28, 2010

Outlook of my blog!!

I wrote 35 blog entries, well 36 counting this one. all of my entries are interests of school. I got only five comments total on my blog, not good at all!! My most commented blog entries is "were i wanna go" i think its the most commented because people like to travel and its cool to know were other people wanna go. I liked writing about audicity cause im interested in audio and video editing and producing.My blogs don't really have themes, there just there. I have three widgets, and i dont think it's enough, because it just seems like its all blank.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

5 Awsome People!

Paul!- You should check his blog out because his layout is awesome...its all about sports, he also has a side panel were you can view other stuff he has worked awesome!
Dare Devil- You should check this blog out because she awesome gadgets..that i never saw b4!!! there fun to play with!!
Court Sports-Check this blog out! when you first hit the blogs page you will love the layout! its awesome you can tell they work hard!
DARK EAGLE- This kids blog is awsome! he actually takes time.
Girl?-this blog is really colorful!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Five People i think you should check out!
1.Gina! I think you should check out Gina cause she is creative and has a good writing skill, she wrights funny posts, and makes reading alot better!
2.Carney! I think you should check out her blog because she is my son...Tyrone! She actually puts a lot of effort in her blog!!
3.TouMOOOOA!!! you should check out tous blog because he has awesome pics...and a cool animated mouse thing!!! He also knows how to brake dance!!
4.Dustin!!! I think you should check his blog out because he has awesome music on it, good blog post and an awesome hero avatar when you first enter his blog!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

creative commons license?

Should i have a creative commons license...for realy done care who uses stuff from my blog...i don't think it is necessary to copyright everything, if the people like my stuff go ahead and use it.......who looks at my blog.....? I dont think its just students looking at mine, are teachers from here...were i live..people from all around the world does.

Blogging challenge!

Animal farm!

We are reading animal our nglish class...i picked this video to reprecet the book because it is a actual trailer based on the movie which is based off the book

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What country do i want to talk to?

I would like to talk to china...they build over half the stuff we use today so you would think we should know about the people. I think most of them would have some amazing things to say....they must be more technology invansted then us!

Me as a writer!

Writing can some times be hard...if you don't like what your writing about.. otherwise if you do like it all the words will fall out of your mouth into the word document...i struggle with spelling...if there wasn't spell check no one would no what i was saying...good old technology making people less smart one typed word at a time.